Our Country

We are pleased to welcome you on your visit to view our country both as friends and in a professional capacity. We say as friends because you accepted our invitation to look at us closely, to become acquainted with the variety offered by our geography and to seek the eye-catching points that make us attractive to the rest of the world. And in a professional capacity because you come to Chile backed by your experience and a profound knowledge of an industry that has turned into an engine of devolpment in today’s economy.

Nowadays people want to travel, they want to visit different places and they want to learn about other cultures. Tourism is no longer a privilege enjoyed by a few but rather the wish of many who want to discover by themselves how others live and what they are like. When people know each other better, distrust among them decreases.

We are building a global world in which tourism faces major challenges. Chile wishes to grow by enhancing its presence in the international arena. Having our tourism industry grow is also part of this project and your visit will help us make headway toward this aim.

We welcome you warmly and wish you a happy and fruitful sojourn in Chile.

A Snapshot of Chile

The Territory

The Indigenous People

A Cultural Explosion

Territorial organization