A Cultural Explosion

Today’s Chilean culture differs from folk culture and it is more than just a mixture of indigenous and Spanish heritage. In the 19th century, strong influences from other parts of Europe, particularly France, were added, wich are still reflected, for example, in some Santiago’s leading buildings, such as the Ministry of Foreign Relations, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Municipal Theater.

Over the past few years, government and private enterprise have worked together to promote the development of the arts, support projects, make more room for culture and new ideas, stimulate diverse forms of expression and cultural dissemination, and propose innovative financing methods.

As part of the ceremonies marking the change of administration, a huge party was held with hundreds of thousands of people participating.

This “cultural explosion” benefited from the efforts of the government to recover the country’s cultural riches through focused, long-term policies. The proposed goal is that by the country’s Bicentennial, the cultural deficit that accumulated during the military regime will be settled. To that end, work continues in three areas: cultural dissemination, citizen participation, and the display and conservation of the country’s heritage.

More information is available at www.consejodelacultura.cl